A little MO’Fallon Art Adventure

With the sun high in the sky and no clouds in sight, I couldn’t not explore O’fallon, Missouri while in town dog sitting for my mother.

I was driving through Main Street, O’fallon when I saw three little shops in a strip mall, right off of Main Street called O’fallon Plaza. I figured, why not stop in? I’ve got the time and the adorable window displays look exactly like my type of shops!

I would definitely consider myself an artsy fartsy type of gal! I start a hundred projects and never finish them, I have several art pieces hanging around my house, and I looove to see other people’s works of art, no matter the skill.

Elderberry Place

| Vintage Market | Gift Shop | Handmade Decor |

My first stop is Elderberry Place which is a vintage market. Unfortunately for me, the owner was helping customers so I didn’t get the chance to speak with her, but she seemed extremely helpful and knew almost all of her customers by name. Since I didn’t get the chance to speak with her, I didn’t take many of my own pictures.. It may sound weird but I don’t like taking pictures of peoples things without their permission. She may not have minded, but still.. So, most of these pictures are credit of Elderberry’s website, which you can find here.

The wonderful people who run Elderberry Place – Photo Credit ( Elderberry Website)

The flow of Elderberry Place was awesome. There were displays everywhere and there is so much to see, you could spend hours! To be honest, if I had hours, I probably would have.

This shop sold everything from Farmhouse decor, to furniture, to paint and other crafty things, to handmade signs and rustic pieces. I also found out from their website that they have classes and events!

One of the many workshops they have here at Elderberry – Photo Credit (Edlerberry Website)

My favorite display was the Happy Camper set-up. As you may know, I am a very happy camper so I was obsessed with all the cool happy camper mugs, necklaces, decals, piggy banks, and seriously, so much more.

My very favorite handmade sign that I am totally regretting not buying!

My other favorite was probably the huge sign letters and the handmade signs. I found a handmade sign that read Adventure Awaits with an arrow through it… and was so close to buying it, I am very much regretting not purchasing. I’m seriously hoping it is there when I am in town next time!

Maybe then the owners will have a few moments to speak with me so I can learn more about their beautiful vintage market! I am very much looking forward to it.

Farm Table

| Artisans | Kitchen | Events |

Some of Spring’s artwork

“I feel that there is nothing truly more artistic than to LOVE people.”

-Van Gogh

Directly to the right of Elderberry Place was the oh-so-very friendly artists at Farm Table. I was welcomed immediately upon my arrival here. I was asked if they could make me a specialty coffee so they could try out their brand new espresso machine!

As they were making my drink, I introduced myself and told them about PSA and asked if I could look around, take pictures, and admire the artists works of art. Invitingly, Spring Hanson, one of the five very talented artists, showed me around.

A page from one of the artists photography book – Just incredible!

Farm table is an art studio for all five artists as well as a rental showroom. You can enjoy your delicious coffee (or espresso) and snack as you walk through their gift shop and fine art gallery, or even get your prom pictures taken here! And believe me when I say, it is definitely prom photo worthy!! Oh, and don’t worry about being nosey, they love showing people around!

In the coming days I will be adding the names and talents of all five artists that have a studio here. I will also be including ways the artists can be followed.

This is truly ‘Where Art Gathers’ as their mission states. Just beautiful and so welcoming! To visit the Farm Table website, click here!

Before I was leaving, they were telling me about a third shop in the plaza on the other side of Elderberry Place called Little Arrow Furnishment

Don’t forget to like Farm Table on Facebook!

Farm Table

Little Arrow Furnishment

| Furniture store | Gift Shop | Studio |

Loved the decor in Little Arrow

Well, I met my new best friend here. Owner, Samantha is a highly energized, artistic peach who is basically an extroverted version of myself!

My new bestie showed me all around her shop and answered all my 100s of questions and comments about anything from local vendors, to beard oil and socks that cuss, we even covered her personality type. It was a good time!

Sam creates art by painting and refurbishing old pieces of furniture. Her work is beautiful!

Sam’s bold pieces like this one are my favorite!

Her style is bold and colorful, just like her (and me, for that matter) however, while I was there she was working on a few beautifully quaint neutral pieces. I could not get enough of her colorful custom painted antique pieces. Those were my favorite!

Luckily, I got a ton of pictures in this shop and some from Little Arrow’s Website and Facebook Page.

I am telling you, I cannot wait to go back and visit the folks over in O’Fallon Plaza! The day went from an afternoon out cruising around to a day of meeting some truly awesome people and seeing some of the most stunning art I’ve ever seen.

Little Arrow Furnishment also sells a lot of other cute things like colorful, bold beautiful clothes, handmade soaps from a man in Florida, socks with cuss words all over them (wishing I would’ve bought a pair), beard oil that doesn’t smell like a cat box (Sam’s words not mine LOL), other antique pieces, and Little Arrow t-shirts.

Here are some of the workshops Sam has there at Little Arrow

Thank you to the people over at Elderberry Place, Farm House, and Little Arrow Furnishment for spending the time sharing with me and letting me snoop around their lovely shops taking pictures (when I remembered, lol!).

I hope that if you, Pit Stoppers, are ever in the O’Fallon Missouri area, you stop in and say hello to my new friends and check out these three beautiful shops.

I know I’ll be back!

Until next time, don’t ever stop #ChasingDaydreams !


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One of the many cute pieces I loved at Little Arrow

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  1. Great post! I love wandering through these types of shops when traveling to see how things differ in each region. It is especially awesome to find ones that have working artist studios inside!

    I love the expression signs too, but only so much room on my walls to display them. They had some interesting ones in New Orleans if you ever get to check out the shops there 🙂

  2. So much lovely shops! I loved that sign from the Elderberry Place too. I totally agree with you about taking pictures of people or shops without asking permission to do so. It’s the right thing to do.

  3. This is so fun. I love the charm of fun little towns. I could spend hours exploring their shops and meeting the shop owners.

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