Plans to Escape: Month 1 Blog Overview

While this is a travel blog, [I’ve said this before]: I’m planning for a life of no plans.

At the end of this year, 2019, I am escaping my 9-to-5 and getting the hell out of Dodge! I want to show those who have a dream, like I do, that it can be done.

Believe me when I say, I am the definition of a normal girl, there is nothing special about me. I am in my mid-twenties, and have been working full time since I graduated high school. Never attended college, I just don’t learn that way, I need to be out seeing the world. I’ve always been very independent and passionate about going for what I want. When I was 22, I bought my first home and later that year, I rescued an amazingly adventurous pitbull, Robyn.

Anyway, I went on that [not so?] necessary tangent to say: I am not a gifted person by any means. I am as normal (invisible/ standard/ unimportant) as they come and if I can work my way up from my C average, you can too.

We’ll do it together, and hopefully one day see each other out in the world somewhere; Chasing Daydreams.

Month 1; Goals and Overview

In my first month of blogging, I knew I wanted to focus on a few things in particular; posting at least once a week, growing social media sites, and learning all I can about how to grow a following.

As my March 1, 2019 launch day was approaching, I knew I had to put my goals on paper.. Here they are:

Month one – Goals

PSA 100 Views

Twitter 100 followers

Instagram 390 followers

Facebook 100 likes

Pinterest 50 followers

Month one – Actual

PSA 119 Views PASS

Twitter 208 followers PASS

Instagram 413 followers PASS

Facebook 94 FAIL

Pinterest 7 MAJOR FAIL

Hmm, I am not so sure what a “good” month is supposed to be for a new travel blogger. Not going to lie, I was pretty damn happy to see my 119 views! Now, I am not even going to get into bounce rates, or active users.. Mainly because I am still learning what they are and how they affect the blog. More on that in the next couple of months. Overall, I was pretty happy with the analytics for month 1.

I figured out that the best way to gain any sort of a following on Twitter is so just talk to people! It is as simple as that! Somehow I managed to get myself into a Twitter #traveltribe and am now tagged in numerous tweets a day. Just by talking to people and getting myself into conversations with other travel bloggers, I managed to gain over 100 followers in under a week. I also retweet any pictures I like or blog posts I’ve enjoyed, from other travel blogs. I usually get a retweet, thanking me for sharing.

Watching instagram the last couple days was hilarious. I was literally right around 386-388 for about four days, then the last two days on the month I sky rocketed up to 413, It was fun to watch! I was thrilled to make it quite a few followers past my goal.

Facebook has been a rough one for me in this first month. I am not going to lie, almost all of my 94 page likes are friends and family. I haven’t mastered how to go about getting facebook likes without basically paying for them through sponsored posts. Going into month two I am learning about a whole other Facebook Goldmind… I am super excited to see how it goes next month! So stay tunes to hear what that’ll be and how it works.

Pinterest was a huge fail for me my first month. I was trying to make it the big win social media site and I just couldn’t figure out how to gain any sort of a following.. Now, in the second month, I have a whole new strategy, more on that in month two!!

Well, I am excited to put my goals for month 2, out there! Here we go:

Month two – Goals

PSA 300 Views

Twitter 300 followers

Instagram 900 followers

Facebook 150 likes

Pinterest 40 followers

I am really focusing on promoting my blog in month two. If I do this correctly, I really think I can hit my goals. However, I have been struggling with a couple different things. I think it will all just come with practice, and getting into new habits.

In month two, I would like to add one more goal. I struggled partially throughout the month with sitting down, focusing, and writing content. I would like to add a goal to start posting two posts a week by May. That being said, I need to start writing more.

I am going to set a schedule for all my Pit Stop Adventures time this coming month, now that I am getting more familiar with how blogging works.

Write, edit, post, promote, …. promote, promote, promote.. sleep, go to your 9 to 5, repeat.

I think staying on a schedule will help me get more done. And for the 5th time, more on that next month!

…And as always, don’t ever stop #ChasingDaydreams

Until next time,


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  1. Em, I liked what you wrote. I started blogging in January this year and shared about five posts one each week. What made me stop I still wonder. Maybe wasn’t getting much viewership I guess. But I read your little do and realised cant give up and set goals . Thanks

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