Plans to Escape: Month 2 Travel Blog Overview

Well here we are, the beginning of month three! Our Travel Blogging journey continues.

I can’t believe how emotional it is running a blog. I get super down on bad days, and insanely excited if I’ve had a record day. Ever hear of a Drop Tower? It takes you up slowly and then drops suddenly – yeah, it’s like that! The highs, the lows – oh my, but what a ride!

If you have not been following until now, be sure to check out my post on why and how I started a Travel Blog, as well as the overview of my first month!

I am officially down to 7 months until I quit my full time job to travel the world! I can barely contain my excitement!

In the first three months of blogging I am focusing on learning all that I can, creating content, and growing my social following, from scratch.

So, How Did Month Two Really Go?

If you read the Month One Overview, you would know that I did make most of my goals, however I had one major fail; Pinterest. Since then I have really started focusing on promoting my posts on social networks. Not only utilizing my networks, but also the free sources that are out there for startup bloggers like myself, and possibly you. I really feel this has helped my engagements, as well as my following. More on this after I go over my month two goals!

In month two I missed some targets, met or exceeded others and struggled with a couple of things. As you know, with the lows there are highs, and I have had a couple of very exciting days this month! For instance, the last day of the month I hit a record (so far) of 76 visitors in one day. That may not seem like a lot, but start a blog from scratch and tell me that isn’t a damn good day for a total newbie!

Month Two – Travel Blog Goals & Overview


PSA 300 Views

Twitter 300 Followers

Instagram 900 Followers

Facebook 150 Followers

Pinterest 40 Followers

Actual Achievement:

PSA 557 Views PASS

Twitter 253 Followers FAIL

Instagram 556 Followers MAJOR FAIL

Facebook 115 Followers FAIL

Pinterest 47 Followers PASS

As you can tell, I was a little over enthusiastic when I created my goals for this past month (Embarrassing!). I now know that you don’t become Lost LeBlanc in a month! (If you love travel but do not watch his YouTube Channel, you need to be!)

Pit Stop Adventures Blog

I was ecstatic to reach 557 views this month! Most are views from the promotions I put out on Facebook groups, and it definitely helps. When other bloggers are visiting your site they are also sharing their favorite social media platform. After all, that is the entire purpose of the Facebook Promo Groups!


Honestly, I barely touched Twitter all month, I don’t think Twitter will be one of my main platforms. I will probably just share my blog posts, promote others posts via retweets and let my following grow naturally. I didn’t do too bad for organic following though. Going from 208 to 253 followers without any sort of engagement isn’t too bad! Not that this is what I suggest, I just had too many other things I was focusing on this month.


Instagram being one of the platforms I was really focusing on, I should’ve known that my goal would be very hard to reach. I was shooting for the stars in the second month of blogging… As much as you do want to make a goal that will make you reach high, as I said before, you don’t become successful overnight.

I really focused on engaging with others in month two. Facebook groups help. You post the URL to your Instagram and you like and comment on others and they reciprocate. It has really helped with the amount of likes and comments I get, as well as followers. I will most certainly keep up this process in the coming months, as well as add more strategies as I learn.

I would say, the success I have had this month was mainly due searching for travel related #Hashtags – then like and comment on several of the RECENT posts. That instagrammer may notice and check out your page, like an image or two and possibly even follow you! Word to the newbies, don’t play the follow/unfollow game…following someone for a week or two then unfollowing that person is a sneaky way to gain followers and I believe it will hurt your reputation. I would rather gain followers slowly and legitimately, than sketchy. Just a thought!

Facebook & Pinterest

Now for the last two, and most impactful Social Networks (for me anyway). Facebook and Pinterest! Thank goodness for these two amazing platforms that help you promote your site. They have been a blessing!

Aside from the Facebook groups, where you share others posts, and you share theirs, I have also been using Pinterest Group Boards and Pinterest Tribes to promote! You Pin to a group board or tribe and others share your pins and of course you reciprocate by sharing theirs. Basically the same concept as the Facebook Groups. This helps get your content out there for the organic traffic who are searching for your keywords.

The most exciting part of working in Pinterest is that your pins get seen by hundreds, then thousands, then eventually hundreds of thousands of people.. That to me is just the most exhilarating thing!

By using these tools I have gained followers that I believe I would not have gained otherwise.

I plan to create a spreadsheet with all the Facebook groups and Pinterest group boards and Tribes I use to help me grow! Upon completion, I will make it available to all of you, I think this could help other travel blogging newbies!

I am so excited for this coming month. My consistency has improved immensely since I started creating this blog. I am writing on a regular basis, I am promoting daily (hourly, really), and I am continuing to learn and research everything I possibly can!

Okay, here we go! On to month 3 goal setting.

Month Three – Travel Blog Goals

PSA 800 Views

Twitter 280 Followers

Instagram 700 Followers

Facebook 130 Followers

Pinterest 70 Followers

One major thing I want to do in month three would be to start reaching out to other startup travel bloggers and discuss guest posting. This is one thing that will be struggle for me at first, seeing as though I am an INFP (check out this link to learn more) to the core so talking with others in person, asking them for things like this has always been my downfall!

So, although I did not reach most of my goals, I have learned a ton this month.

This month going forward, I will continue to promote, promote, promote on these different platforms and hope that my organic traffic picks up. I will also start researching how to start monetizing! Currently, I have two affiliate links on my site already (I regret starting to add affiliates so soon because Amazon will kick me out of its affiliate program if I don’t make at least one sale every 90 days using those links) however, I will be adding other sources of income in month four, so I want to be prepared for how I am going to make that happen!

As excited as I am to get to next month so I can start monetizing, I am scared to death! It’s the fear of failure that I struggle with, bad. Like, what happens if the only traffic I ever get is from the 15-25 hours a week I spend promoting, what if no one is interested in my journey or my adventures…?

It is this fear of failure that fuels everything I do.

My purpose in life is not to sit at a desk and work Monday thru Friday.. My purpose is to travel the world and see and learn new things and new cultures. I need to feel this fear to get out of my comfort zone and just do the damn thing!

If you are reading this, you’re most likely thinking about starting a travel blog or within the first few months of launching it. I am no expert by any means (yet!) but I do want to show you that starting a blog from nothing, can actually turn into something.

I would love for you to take this journey with me as I slowly but surely make my travel daydreams come true.

If you are a startup travel blogger, please do me a favor and send me an email at and tell me your story. I want to hear why you are wanting to begin this life of travel, I want to hear what you struggle with, and what your goals are! Who knows, maybe you and I could exchange guest posts, work together, or meet up somewhere during one of our adventures!

Also, If you would please do me a favor and share this with any startup travel bloggers you know. I would appreciate the support and they may appreciate the post.

P.S. If you would be interested in the Travel Blogging Facebook Group spreadsheet, please let me know in the comment section down below. I only want to put out the most helpful, and real information!

Until next time, don’t ever stop #ChasingDaydreams


Travel Blogging Month Two Overview
Travel Blogging Month Two Overview

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  1. I just started my second month of blogging and you are doing so much better than me! Haha not that it’s a competition, it’s a learning curve, but definitely gave me inspiration that I can do this! Keep going! I hadn’t thought of doing a twitter account- do you think that helps engagement?

    1. You can do this!! I have to remind myself of that on a daily basis.

      Keep going, Pamela!!

      Also, Twitter really does nothing for me. I don;t think I use twitter enough for it to make a difference.. At least not right now.

  2. I’m actually working on the same thing and stumbled upon this post from Pinterest. Thanks for laying out what to expect and having a game plan. Keep it up!

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