Ready to make your Travel Daydreams come true?!

Well, if you’ve been following me, or have read my About Me page, you know the story of who I am and what my plan is. Now, I guess I should tell you how this all got started, and how I am making my daydreams come true.

First, let me start off by saying that this post contains affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission should you choose to make any purchase using my links – all at no additional cost for you! I do personally use & love anything I choose to promote on Pit Stop Adventures.

We’re going to rewind about a year, here.

It is early 2018 and all I can think about is traveling, seeing the world, and adventuring for a living.

Like most other 24-year-olds, it was just a dream – I didn’t think I could ever make it happen (I still have doubts but that is something I am still working on… Post about that, soon to come). I was constantly reading travel blogs and following all the top Nomads on Instagram and Pinterest.

I am telling you, if you followed me on Pinterest, you probably hated me and thought about unfollowing me on the daily. I’d be shocked if I didn’t pin about 300 travel pins a day!

I couldn’t tell you the exact day (sometime mid 2018?), or even the blog that I was reading, but I remember laying back on my recliner, reading a blog post that was basically written just for me (over exaggeration? Maybe 😉 ). Everything about this post was screaming just do it: start a blog, spend a few months growing the blog & preparing, quit your job, and GO! WTF are you waiting for? The post was going over all the excuses in the world and debunking them. It made so much sense!

Can I really turn my Daydreams into reality?!

For the first time I really thought that maybe this is possible, maybe I could really make this happen instead of just daydreaming about it all day, everyday.

That is when I can across Nomadic Matt’s blog. I read probably about 15 blog posts, ranging from itineraries to what Nomadic Matt does when he isn’t traveling.

The deeper I got into his site the more I saw posts about this Blogging Course called Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course. I decided to dig deeper, read a ton of reviews and check out comparable courses; their prices, offerings, and reviews. Everything I was seeing was pushing me towards the thought that this may be may answer to everything.

My ticket out, so to speak.

Let me start out by saying, I am one broke bitch! Anytime I saw that ‘Sponsored Post’ on Facebook advertising a blogging course (because the internet can read your mind) the course would be like OMG SO EXPENSIVE. Like over $600. My broke ass cannot afford that on my desk job hourly rate. No thanks!

This course is literally only $249 or you can do payment options of $99 x3! No, I am not freaking kidding you.

When I was looking into Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging Course, it seemed to be a very reasonable price for something that seems to be so extensive (I thought it was too good to be true). The course claimed to have all the information and resources needed to create, launch, and run your own blog, from start to success.

Time to make things happen!

A few weeks later, I got the course! And boyy, am I glad I did!

Wow, what would I have done without it?! I am telling you, there is free information out there, I am not going to lie but the golden nuggets you find in this course well surpass the value of this course.

What sold me on the course was the fact that you have access to the entire course, and all of its resources – for life! That was a big selling point for me.

Not only that, and the cost, I was also sold by the fact that there are hours and hours of webinars that’ll help you, as well as a full support staff that I have personally used multiple times. (tip: don’t be embarrassed to use the support team, that is literally what they’re there for and no question is a stupid question!)

There are other cool perks, like access to the Private Facebook Group that you can join upon getting the course, and a ton of book referrals for those looking to dig deeper.

I seriously cannot thank Nomadic Matt enough for putting together something so detailed, organized, and helpful. It truly is the reason I am making the daydreams come true, one day at a time.

Launch Day has arrived!

Fast forward to March 1st, 2019.

It is Launch Day and I am still learning and still working many hours on making Pit Stop Adventures a real success (although my mom said I have already succeeded; thanks mom!).

I even put in my 9 month notice at work this month, I broke the news to my boss that I plan to be leaving the country in under a year to travel abroad. Honestly, I needed to do it this early for a reason. (A) It holds me 100% accountable, I have no choice but to succeed, I just told my boss I am leaving the country! (B) This also gives me a timeline. I have scheduled out my year already.

There is no better resource, in my opinion, than this course right here. I honestly think this was the best investment (a small one!) I have ever made.

A month in…

I am still so new to the blogosphere, but I am determined to make my daydreams into reality. And hey, I must’ve gotten somewhere – you’re reading this, right?!

I promise you, if you put your all into this, it will show. You will grow and you will manifest the life that you see in your dreams.

There is no other way to make things happen than to make things happen. It is hard work, I dedicate several hours a week to growing my blog, my social media sites, and my brand. But I wouldn’t refund that for the world!

I seriously hope I inspired you to go for it. There are so many reasons not to, but now there is a real, honest to goodness way to make that happen.

Are you interested in learning more about this course, or want to read more about it, click here!

If you have been following be blog you know that I always sign off telling you no never stop #ChasingDaydreams … Well now you can make those Daydreams into reality.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about how I got started, I plan to update you every few months with how well this course has done for me.

Have you taken this course? Or plan to? Leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts!

Let’s Chase Daydreams again next time,


Ready to quit your job and travel?

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  1. Good for you going all in! I have 4 websites myself, but my travel blog is more of my passion project rather than a money maker. I make a fair bit with Amazon and ads, but not compared to my other sites. I do have an awesome ad manager that I am happy to refer if you want.

      1. This is so great. Even though I haven’t taken any courses, I have learned a lot though my blogger friends. I don’t know if I would like to spend any amount on a blogging course but I am thinking about it now.

  2. Emily, thank you so much for sharing this. It’s so inspiring. I just recently launched my blog and some days I feel so demotivated because I feel like no matter how hard I try it’s just not growing that way I would like for it to grow. This just inspired me to not give up

  3. We did exactly this and are now travelling through Asia! We have 4 kids in tow and have been on the road for 1 month.
    Having so much fun, but it is trying at times also.
    We blog about the places we think would be great for families while saving you money.
    Not killing it yet but hope to one day.

  4. Is good that you show passion about what are you doing. Blogging is really difficult effort. With passion and constancy you will gain results. Keep up all the enthusiasm for it and make your dream come true. Good luck for your path.

  5. So glad to here it has been such a positive experience for you so far! Wishing you all the best in this endeavor!

  6. I took Matt’s course too and found it quite helpful. I’m excited to hear about your progress as your last day of work approaches and you venture out into the world. Good luck!

  7. I have not taken Matt’s course yet but I have heard great things about it. I am glad you found it helpful. I am also an amateur in the blogging world, just starting out. It is so exciting sometimes, frustrating at others. I guess it is always full of ups and downs. I totally agree with you that blogging is a lot of hard work. Hope our hard work pays. Good luck to you. Would love to read about your progress.

    1. Seriously, Matt’s course is the only reason I am really doing this, and manifesting the life I have always dreamed of. If you are thinking about taking a course or have any questions about it, email me. . Hope to talk soon!

    1. Absolutely! I am taking in every piece of knowledge I possible can, this year! Thank you for the welcome and the well wishes!!!

  8. All daydreams can be a reality with added hard work and perseverance. Congratulations on your awesome achievements!

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