Searching for Crystals in St. Louis

A Saturday spent looking for crystals is a good Saturday!

Are you into learning more about crystals and where to buy them in the St. Louis area? Then this is literally the perfect post for you!

Forewarning, this may be a little ‘woo woo’ for some of you, don’t worry, not all my content is this eclectic. But for those interested, stick around!

For those of you who don’t know, crystals are usually used when meditating, worn as jewelry and even being carried with you throughout the day to promote a general overall well-being, both physical and mental. Crystals also provide protection from negative thoughts, people, and physical spaces.

I will go a little more into this so you understand why I went around St. Louis buying crystals.

The spiritual reason I am starting to get more into crystals it to learn the ability to channel my higher self, ancestors and my spirit guides/angels, as well as align my chakras. The physical and mental reasons are to help with anxiety, self doubt/fear of failure, and to find my life’s purpose.

A general rule of crystals: Each crystal has different ‘purposes’. I will explain more below with each crystal I end up purchasing. You want to find a stone that speaks to you when buying a stone or crystal. And lastly, most crystals need to be cleaned or charged. However, each stone is completely different.

Before I left I did a bit of online research on the crystal shops in the area. Most had a ‘dark’ vibe around them and that wasn’t what I was wanting at all. So the choice was narrowed down to three, all within a short distance from one another.

All the beautiful stones I acquired

The Adventure

The Enchanted Attic

Welcome to the beautiful Historic Main Street St. Charles, Missouri

The first Crystal Store was located on historic Main Street Saint Charles. It was called The Enchanted Attic. The ladies who work there were so helpful and knowledgeable, and answered all questions. The store is small and rich with everything you can imagine, stones, incense, sage, mala beads, and a ton more.

I knew this store would be the most expensive since it is located right in the heart of Historic Main Street. I ended up purchasing a very small natural point smoky quartz and much larger but still small, raw Super Seven (also known as Melody’s Stone) crystal, and a small bundle of sage.

Super Seven (Melody’s Stone):

Super Seven is a natural combination of seven different gemstones: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite and Lepidocrocite.

It has an exterior color of red, orange, and some greyish brown coloring. I think it is the most beautiful stone and honestly my favorite of all the stones I purchased on this day. I carry it around on my jacket pocket most days.

This stone is very rare and is only found in the region of Espirito do Santo, Brazil.

What does it do?

Super Seven is a very powerful stone! All these different gemstones in one adds up to be one powerful. I learned that this stone heightens the vibration of other stones in its vicinity. It’s very powerful when used in meditation and are most powerful when used in grids.

Its superpowers are heightening spiritual abilities and aligns all seven chakras. It promotes deep personal growth and grounds the body. Melody’s Stone also offers clarity and understanding of your own life, and of those around you.

What about cleansing, you ask? Guess what? You don’t have to cleanse this stone at all! I know what you’re thinking, powerful and you don’t need to go through any cleansing rituals, too good to be true? Nope!

Smoky Quartz:

Smoky Quartz is a very dark colored crystal. My stone in particular is a very small natural point. It is about ⅓ the length of my pinky and is almost a black color with a little bit of transparency to it. Most Smoky Quartz are a brownish-grey with translucent properties, which often come from the quartz family.

Smokey Quartz is known to ground you, and helps you to be more positive and a bit less pessimistic. It is a very harmonious stone, and encourages cooperation. Smoky Quartz is a perfect stone to keep at your desk at work or to an important meeting.

I have searched far and wide on how to cleanse this crystal and I have found a few ways involving sage, sun, or burying the crystal in soil for a few days. I have no personally tried any of these but if I do I will update you on the process and the outcome.

So much sage!


Sage is an herb and is used in a process called smudging. Smudging is burning herbs to get rid of negative energy. It is also used for burning around your home when you’re feeling depressed or have had a fight with someone.

Smudging has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans, in Ancient Rome and Greece and Ancient Egypt as a way to cleanse a space from bad spirits and negative energy.

When Smudging, it is the smoke that matters. So, light the smudge stick (bundle of sage) on fire, put the fire out and let to smoke fill the room. (Tip: use a plate or bowl to catch any ashes)

Overall experience:

Overall, I liked this metaphysical store, but it wasn’t my favorite. Although, I am very happy with my purchases at this Crystal Shop and the ladies were so helpful.  Altogether I spent under $23.

Prospectors Crystals, Rocks & Gifts

Next I drove to High Ridge, MO which was about 30 minutes south to a shop called Prospectors. I could’ve spent hours in there, as this was my favorite shop I visited that day!

The store was very large and open, and had hundreds, if not thousands of beautiful crystals and unique gifts. Prices were very reasonable and owners were very nice.

I ended up purchasing Kyanite and Celestite

Beautiful Blue Kyanite Stones

Blue Kyanite:

Blue Kyanite is beautiful! Usually blue in color and in natural form looks like its “skin” is flaky. By far the prettiest stone I purchased this day. So much so that I bought three small Blue Kyanite crystals.

It is found in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Burma, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA. Kyanite is a typically blue aluminosilicate mineral which is found in aluminum-rish metamorphic pegmatites or sedimentary rock

This stone is known as many to strengthen the mind and soul. The stones energy will help open the throat chakra which will help with self expression, and better communication. Side note: there are indigo kyanite stones that have a strong third eye energy)

As for cleansing, this is another stone that requires no need for cleansing!

Celestite Crystals


This delicate looking blue stone consists of Strontium Sulfate. The name comes from the Latin word “Caelestis” which means “of the sky”, for the light blue color. Usually found in sedimentary rock, the crystals usually form as geodes.

Celestite is found several places throughout the US, Canada and Madagascar.

As far as metaphysical uses for celestite, it is used a lot for anxiety and mental calmness. Many people use this stone for staying calm in large crowds or to held when public speaking. I am really very excited to see how well this stone helps with some anxiety!

According to this site, Celestite should be recharged by being wrapped in blue silk and put in a drawer or cupboard for two days.

Overall Experience:

Like I said before, definitely my favorite of the three stores. I am not joking when I say I could’ve spent hours, if not days! Best of all, my three Kyanite stones and one Celestite crystal cast me all under $7. (FYI: $5 minimum to pay with a card)

Mystic Valley

After we left Prospectors, we drove about 15 miles to our next, and final destination, Mystic Valley in Maplewood.

This metaphysical store had SO much. It was insane. Literally anything you can think of, they had (besides a good selection of Mala Beads, which is what I was on a mission for)!

It was AWESOME but insanely crowded. I think it was because on the second Saturday of every month they have discounted Tarot/Crystal readings – $20 for a 15 minutes. I splurged a little and had a reading done by Anahata Roach with Anahata Crystal Therapy. The whole experience was amazing, I cried as she was giving my reading.


Mystic Valley also gives out a free stone with any purchase. They have you stick your hand in a large jar filled to the top with crystals and then ask your spirit guides to gift you the stone most needed for you, at this time. My spirit guides chose Serpentine.


This stone is mainly a product of metamorphism in rocks rich in olivine, pyroxene and amphibole. (whatever all that means). Basically, it’s a major rock forming mineral and is found in many metamorphic and weather igneous rocks. It is a beautiful, mottled, golden-green color and resembles snake skin.

Serpentine is found mainly in Canada, where the town of Asbestos was once one of the most significant serpentine mines.

Some of the superpowers of serpentine are, past life exploration, promotes compassion and self forgiveness. I am so glad that this is the stone I pulled from the jar, serpentine reminds us to shoot for the stars.

While reading the Energy Muse Blog, I read this, which really resonated with me.  “Even if your dreams have been buried by societal expectations and demands of adulthood, the Serpentine crystal stone meaning serves as the catalyst to free you from the shackles of society and self-imposed limitations.”

I did a little research on the cleansing of serpentine and apparently to cleans, you must pass the crystal through the flame of a brown candle. I have not tried this yet but I am planning a post about the cleansing of serpentine.

Overall Experience:

I loved this store! I am actually making a return trip to explore Mystic Valley when it isn’t so crowded (when they aren’t having an awesome special on Tarot Card Readings). The staff was the most helpful of any of the Crystal Shops and my reading was beautiful. Everyone seemed so happy and they make the atmosphere very welcoming.

So, after this adventurous day searching for crystals, I acquired 7 stones, 5 different types! Super seven, smokey quartz, kyanite, celestite, and serpentine.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, a Saturday spent looking for Crystals is a good Saturday!

If you are looking for crystals or just started getting into crystals, follow along, I will have more crystal posts, soon to come.

As always, have a great day and don’t ever stop #ChasingDaydreams


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