Travel Blogging Overview – Month Three

What do you mean I am heading right into my fourth month blogging?! This whole adventure is NUTS. Let me tell you… I am so excited to share my Travel Blogging Overview with you!

I need to start off by saying that I have had a rough month staying on top of things in the third month. There was a death in the family, therefore I was in Florida for almost two weeks and did very little on the blog. Even after that time that I was in Florida, I struggled getting back into things, therefore my views and engagements went way down. BUMMER.

I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I am in the process of quitting my full time job and finding a remote position where I can work from anywhere on my laptop… That is a story for another post, which I should have out here in the next couple of weeks.

As you may know, in my second month goals, I shot way out to the stars when creating my goals. Therefore, I missed almost every goal I had set and was feeling very down on myself when writing my travel blogging overview for month two. This past month I really thought about my goals and tried to make then as attainable as possible.

Below you will see my goals and how I actually did… See you on the flip side to discuss!

Month Three Goals and Achievements:

PSA 800 Views – Fail 492 Views

Twitter 280 Followers – PASS 283 Followers

Instagram 700 Followers – Fail 595 Followers

Facebook 130 Followers – Fail but I am calling it a PASS 128 Followers

Pinterest 70 Followers – PASS 160 Followers

So, overall I am happy. I met (basically) 3 of the 5 goals even with the death in the family and all the craziness of leaving my corporate company to travel full time. I know I won’t meet all goals every single month, so I am pretty pleased.

Pit Stop Adventures

As I’ve said, I had quite a crazy month, so my daily views are all over the place! Some days I was able to promote, other days not so much. I may not have made my goal, but I am very happy to see that even when I don’t promote, I still get some views, and that’s all I could really ask for!


I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter.

As I told you last month, I barely touch twitter throughout the month. I post maybe 3-5 times a week and leave it alone. I love that even though I don’t utilize Twitter that much, it still tends to grow, little by little. Completely organic. Which is a good thing!


What a weird month for Instagram! No joke, I fluctuated from about 550 to 560 the entire month and the past two days of the month it rocketed up to 595.. (then dropped way down again early in month 4, which I will talk more about next month).

Why does this happen? No clue! I can tell you that, just like the rest of my website, I slacked this past month. I did not put to use any of the tips I gave you last month.

Previously, I was posting at least one picture every day, this past month I have made up my mind (along with being crazy busy) that I am going to just post 2 or 3 photos a week and focus on getting engagements on those.


So, I am going to sound like a broken record… But I also did very little with my Facebook this past month. I posted all blog posts (like I do all my Social sites), and let it go.

Altogether I am very happy with how well my Facebook page is doing. I didn’t expect to gain that much of a following without promoting my Facebook Page.

It may not be a huge deal, but I’m happy with it!

Pinterest and Tailwind

And last but not least, my baby blogs awesome aunt, Pinterest!

Pinterest is AMAZING.

I know I say this monthly, but Pinterest and Tailwind are the greatest inventions ever! I know I haven’t spoken a ton about Tailwind, but now that I have upgraded to premium and have really seen what she can do, I am hooked!

First of all, let’s talk about Pinterest as a whole.

She is a visual search engine and is absolutely perfect for Travel Bloggers! All you really need to do is set up a business account and connect your blog to your Pinterest account. After that, you make pretty Pins to go along with your blog post, write a nice little description (with Keywords), direct your readers to your blog post, and Pin!

Seriously, the best invention for Travel Bloggers..

So, now you have a post created. You want it to go out at the best possible time, right? You don’t want to post a pin at 6AM when no one is on Pinterest, do you?

That is where Tailwind comes in, you can schedule your pins (and other pins) at the most optimal time to be seen. Tailwind literally does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is schedule which board or boards you want to Pin to and Tailwind will pin them based on when your followers are online.

I have pins scheduled out for the next three weeks, so although I am not physically Pinning all day, I do have pins going out, at the best time, all day/everyday. How awesome!

Month Four

Okay, time to get into goals for this coming month.

I can tell you that is month is going to be a crazy one. This month I am, helping my mom minimize her home, selling or donated almost everything I own (to save up for my Southeast Asia trip), and preparing to move her into my home (more about this in a later post). Not only all that, but I am also hardcore looking for a remote position so I am able to (hopefully) leave my corporate job a few months earlier than originally anticipated.

All that being said, I still have a business to run. I will still be posting weekly and I will also eventually be starting my YouTube channel as well, to help people like myself go through the steps needed to escape the 9 to 5 rat race. The YouTube channel will [hopefully] be up and running within the next three months!

Okay, onto the month four goals!

PSA 600 Views

Twitter 300 Followers

Instagram 650 Followers

Facebook 145 Followers

Pinterest 200 Followers

Email List 10 Subscribers

Okay, you may have seen that I added a column to my goals; Email List Subscribers. I currently have four subscribers (all of which are family LOL). My goal is to get a few others to subscriber to my email newsletter.

I have not been good (at all) about sending out newsletters, however I have been told that it is very important to start growing your email list from the get-go. Fortunately for me, I started right away! Unfortunately for me, I haven’t done shit with it… So, the goal that I am adding this month is to start sending out more emails and to grow that list!

For anyone who is interested in signing up, please fill out this form below! I will be sending out blog post updates, tips for those of you who are going through the process of escaping your 9 to 5 and eventually free gifts. Thank you so much for anyone who takes the time, it is very much appreciated!

If you are a startup travel blogger, please do me a favor and send me an email at and tell me your story. I want to hear why you are wanting to begin this life of travel, I want to hear what you struggle with, and what your goals are! Who knows, maybe you and I could exchange guest posts, work together, or meet up somewhere during one of our adventures!

Also, If you would please do me a favor and share this with any startup travel bloggers you know. I would appreciate the support and they may appreciate the travel blogging overview.

As always, don’t ever stop #ChasingDaydreams


Previous Month Overviews:

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Ready to make your travel daydreams into reality? Click here!

P.S. If you do not feel the urge to help, please skip this part. I have recently added a donation page to PSA in case any of my readers feel like donating. Every penny that is donated is going directly into my travel fund so anything donated is greatly appreciated, more than you could image! For anyone who does want to, you may use this form below.

Feeling Drawn To Help?

Hello, Pit Stoppers!

Let me start off by saying, I am not asking for hand outs. If you do not feel completely drawn to helping, please feel free to pass!

As you may know, I am preparing for a life of no plans. At the end of 2019, I am escaping the 9 to 5 to travel the world. I will be spending the first 4 to 6 months of 2020 backpacking around Southeast Asia solo and spontaneously. I am SO excited!

The plan is to start a travel blog (check!), learn all I can about blogging, grow social media sites, monetize the blog, grow, prepare to leave my company, sell all my crap, and prepare to Adventure.

I am taking you all with me along this pre-journey to get to my big journey!

Although I am selling my things & travel hacking, I may still need to get a remote and/or part time job abroad to be able to stay in SE Asia as long as I can.

I ask that if you feel like you want to help, the option is here. If not, please do not feel pressured. I just appreciate you visiting my new born blog.

I have a long way to go, but I am planning for a life of no plans and I am eternally grateful to anyone who does decide to help me out.

Thank you so much for your time, and don’t EVER stop #ChasingDaydreams

Until next time,


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